We make packaging from foil and paper, graphic formulation and print.
polystyrene foil and sheets
3D labels
corrugated cardboard

Wish different labels?

Decide for 3D labels!

3D labels are finding a broad range of applications, including: product identifications, nameplates, packaging, automotive field (automobiles, motorcycles,…), household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, radiators,…) etc.

This process consists in achieving a lens effects by casting over the label surface a dome shaped “crystal clear” urethane, which polymerizes and hardens upon contact with air, thus magnifying the print or design, widening its angle, of visibility, giving depth and brightness to colors.

• high weather ability
• high performance: resistant till 2000 QUV hours
• no visible change between -40oC or +90oC
• good resistance and aggressive chemical agents

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